Marketing: Do You Even Know What Women Want Anymore?

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Marketing: Do You Even Know What Women Want Anymore?

OMG Stahp with the Rehashing!

Go onto any mainstream website that supposedly caters to a female clientele and I can guarantee you three things: fashion blog, beauty and health articles, and Keeping Up with the F*cking Kardashians. Newsflash! Regular women don’t care about that nonsense anymore. We don’t have time to read rehashed articles from the 1950s about hair and make-up. Women don’t have the energy to waste on celebrities who don’t add value to our lives. We also don’t have the money to spend on new clothes every week. Frankly, what you think you know about women is outdated and your marketing models show how out of touch you are with your own demographic.

You Say You Want A Revolution …

In 2017 there was a major shift in the female mind-set, thanks to the Women’s Marches and the #MeToo movement. Together, we demanded change, but we’ve seen very little change in general. It’s 2018 now, and those websites and magazines that supposedly promote women-empowerment are still force-feeding us their usual patriarchal BS. We get bombarded with articles like: 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid (I’m looking at you Glamour), 5 Perfect Positions For a Partner With A Long Penis (Really, Cosmopolitan?), Six Super Bowl Performances We’re Still Talking About (Right … Keep telling yourself we think that’s important, Vogue).

The worst part is what these websites and magazines classify as ‘entertainment’ for women. As a female who’s not even thirty years old yet, ‘Celeb-Gossip’ doesn’t qualify as amusing to me. What Miley Cyrus is wearing on the Red Carpet or who Taylor Swift is dating this week is inconsequential to my life.

I’m sorry, but if you want to catch—and keep—a regular woman’s attention, you’re going to have to work harder than this.

Look, I’m not saying women don’t love a bit of glitz and glam in their life, but there’s more to us than manicures and shoes. This is what none of the marketers seem to understand. Yes, we love to see the new fashion trends, but by God, at least tell us how we can save money to buy a $300 dress. Of course we want to hear about what’s happening on the Red Carpet, but would it be too much to ask news outlets to celebrate women athletes once in a while?

Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching or playing sport. Being female doesn’t mean we don’t care about what’s happening in politics. Our gender doesn’t automatically make us brainless idiots who struggle to say the word ‘science’.

Stop pigeonholing us, please.

So, What Do Women Actually Want?

The simple answer is: Women want value and they want to be valued.

The longer answer is: Put up or shut up. If you claim you’re a supporter of women-empowerment then EMPOWER WOMEN. Show us the achievements of female athletes, scientists, politicians, writers, engineers, and architects. Stop telling us what to wear and how to look. Instead, tell us when and where the next art exhibit is.

I mean, did you even know the Roller Derby World Cup is happening right now? Those are the women I want to know more about, because damn it, they can take a punch. Did you know February is Women in Horror Month? Those are the women I want to read more of, because they’re changing the genre!

Enrich women’s lives by acknowledging we’re worth the time and effort of our male counterparts. We’re beautiful, intelligent, talented, and cultured enough to appreciate a little bit of diversity in our lives. Not to mention, we want to know about other women’s successes. We want to be inspired to achieve in our respective careers, too.


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6 thoughts on “Marketing: Do You Even Know What Women Want Anymore?

  1. Ooh, you’ve got me thinking now. I used to love doing newspaper analysis at uni, looking at the numbers of ads and articles and sentence lengths and shit. I’d be really interested to see what sort of analysis would come from a couple of those women’s magazines, especially in the content area. Sounds like they haven’t changed in 20 years!

    1. It really is true. The worst part is how they’re just adding reworked articles from way back when onto the internet now.

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. I don’t mind the fashion, too much, but I would LOVE to open a magazine and not feel like I’ve already read different versions of the same nonsense.

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