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Welcome to the New Website


In 2009, I started my career as a ‘serious’ writer when my first book was published, and not knowing how to actually get a foot in the industry, I inadvertently also became a horror gossip columnist for a now defunct horror website. From there, I moved on to becoming a film and book reviewer for quite a few other—reputable—websites. In 2012, however, I decided to go out on my own, and established two entertainment websites (one for predominantly films and games, and the other exclusively for books), and forged quite a few lifelong friendships in the process. At the same time, I also managed my personal website and blog, in the hopes of carving out a place for myself in the industry.

Times change, though, and I closed down my entertainment websites.

For another year, I went on with my website and blog as usual, but I was never truly happy with the domain name. The previous domain name, which had been bought on a whim to promote a book series I started (and never completed) when I was nineteen years old, reminded me of my failures in an unforgiving industry… Truthfully, it depressed me every time I logged in, and the subsequent effects of having to look and promote that particular domain name began to hinder my writing career. Whenever I saw the old domain name, my inner-teenager wailed as her hopes and dreams were smashed again and again.

Thus, I decided to make a last change.

When I FINALLY, in July of 2017, got my hands on moniquesnyman.com, everything else seemed to fall into place. I now have full control of every aspect of the website—from the design, to the content, to the host. Everything. And the process of turning this site into what I want has filled my heart with pure joy. There’s no better feeling than a fresh start, and as a twenty-nine year old, newly wed woman, I thought the change was a necessary one. More than that, though, this process has inspired me to become more serious about my craft. My name’s on the line, after all.

This central spot will host all the information you may need about my books. I’m still an avid blogger, too, which means you’ll be able to find some interesting stuff on here as time goes on (you’ll have to wait and see what that ‘interesting stuff’ is, though), but I’m not going to force myself to write up at least two posts a week anymore. Blogging, for me, was always supposed to be fun, a release, a small break from everyday life… and somewhere along the line, I forgot that. No more!

This website is authentically me.

I will no longer post book reviews on this website, but I definitely will recommend books to my subscribers in my monthly newsletter (you can sign up for it here). However, I am still active on Goodreads and I keep it pretty updated, if you would rather follow me there.

Until next time,

Monique Snyman